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The Lord gave me the desire to write this thesis on Worship and Praise, I did not know where to start, and was so amazed when He sent me to the book of Genesis. I believe He was and is teaching me how to be faithful and obedient to His word and to His instruction for my life. I think I'm finished and then all of a sudden He gives me more revelation.  God is never finished with us; He just keeps on molding and remaking us into the image of His only begotten Son.
        I see the tears in His eyes, as He speaks to me about forgiveness and obedience. He wants so much to have an intimate relationship with His Saints, but we break covenant relationship with our Creator, by not repenting and changing our ways. We hold on to the grudges and hurts, our bitterness toward others, and toward a family member. We so enjoy our thoughts of revenge, not realizing or giving thought that we are grieving the Holy Spirit.  Oh saints of God, do you not realize when we have broken covenant relation with our Lord, He is grieved and no matter how hard or how long we pray it will not enter into His Throne Room, because we are full of sin. How it grieves Him when we do not worship Him and reverence Him with the holding up of our hands. That's humbling, and if we will not humble ourselves before Him, He will humble us through our trials and tribulation.
We cry, Lord where are You, why do You not answer my prayers? That's when we must take inventory of our lives to see where we have ought against our neighbor, our family, our children, our spouse, and against other believers. His word say to confess our sins to one another and He will be sure to forgive us our sins. Come saints of God, let us bow down in worship, and let us kneel before the Lord our Maker, for He is our God and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care. Worship is more than our heart, soul, and words offered to God. It's our posture. We need to think often of His grace. He has given us grace by the shed blood of His only begotten Son, to be called His children. What else can we do but bow down and ask His forgiveness and repent of our wicked ways. We need to come to Him as a Conquering Ruler in full submission, and then He will choose to treat us tenderly, like a loving Shepherd and forgive us our sins. Then and only then will we see revival in this nation and in our lives, and in our church.

      Oh come let us worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, lifting up holy hands toward the heavens to receive His love, mercy and grace. Ask Him to give us a spirit of humility toward other believers in the Body of Christ. Ask Him to revel to us how we can live more fully like the Body of Christ in relationship to other believers and with Him. How may we improve our "Body Life?"  Oh saints of God, surrender your will to follow Jesus and pledge your allegiance to Him alone. Let's shape our lives to be more like Him.
Ask Him to cleanse us from all remaining impurities in our lives and continue to transform us for His glory. Ask Him to reveal all the sins and lust that remain from our old sinful life and to teach us how to put on the new self that is like Jesus in true righteousness. Ask Him to teach us how to worship and praise Him in our daily lives, to keep our mind cleansed so we will no longer desire the things we have put away through our repentance. Ask Him to replace those things with objects and activities that are pure, holy and wholesome. Ask Him to convict us immediately of our sins anytime we look like we may be going back to old self. Then thank Him for forgiveness, for freedom, and for cleansing and for the victory in Jesus name. Then worship Him in truth and love.