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Jesus taught that anger contains the seeds of murder, that abusive language contains the spirit of murder and that cursing language implies the very desire to murder. (Matthew 5:22)

“Raca” an Aramaic term mean, “empty one.

“God receives no worship from a believer who is not on speaking terms with another.”

“Sin begins in the mind, and if we nourish it, we eventually commit the act, maintaining an undefiled thought life demands strict self-discipline”   

The question has been asked, “Since the Father knows the things we have need of even before we ask Him, then “Why Pray?”

Reason: The reason is that in prayer we acknowledge our need and dependence on Him. It is the basis of our communicating with God. Also God does things in answer to prayer that He would not have done otherwise.

Leprosy is an appropriate picture of sin, because its loathsome, destructive, infectious and in some forms, humanly incurable.

Let me look on the crowd, as my Savior did,
Fill my eyes with tears grow dim;
Let me view with pity the wandering sheep
And love them for love of Him
            Believer's Bible Commentary