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Gifts From Friends

Father, I thank for my Friend. I ask You to Bless her, Abba. Father lift her up to visions of Your grandeur. Tell her secrets of Your Kingdom that will allow her to bless others with Your love. Take care of her and of her family members. Touch them and draw them ever closer to that perfect plan for Your familiies. Thank You for loving us unconditionally and forgiving us as we ask for forgiveness. Teach more and more about the Blood of Christ and what it can mean to us. Teach us intimacy with You that dissolves All our fears. Teach us boldness as we share You with others. Give us wisdom beyond the limits of our brain. Let our spirits hear Your Spirit speak the words of Life. Teach us how to give those words to others so that they may know You and the security of Your promises. I pray that You grant Susies's request of You. Abba, please give her that which her heart desires. Hold her close to Your Heart and envelope her in Your strong embrace. Bless her, O Father, Bless her. In Christ's precious Name I pray.                          Amen.                  Lee Vail