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Poems By Carroll Prestidge
This page is dedicated to Carroll Prestidge, a fine poet and musician as well.
He has blessed me and other's with all his gifts. Thank you Carroll for sharing.
These are his  originals, plus his own sketches

Words to Find
There's times words elude me
To pen thoughts I've in mind
I ask the Lord for answers
Praise be what was lost, I find.

Never press hard or struggle
Let words smoothly flow
With pen in hand you have the power
To let time or tide move slow/
                  by  Carroll Prestidge

Forever Blow Gentle

When it's time to blow out the candle
And life's adventures are o'er
When I climb that Stairway to Heaven
Through the Gates to that far away shore

I pray this world I'll be leaving behind
Will be better for my having been here
That God will touch the hearts of loved ones
So they know He will always be near

When I cross over the bridge of this life
To a place where there is no return
The waters beneath will flow swiftly
To quench satan's fires as the burn
by C. P.

Why Shouldn't I

If other kids get to do these things,
Then Mother, why can't I?
A day on the beach without sun block,
doesn't mean you're going to die.

If my frinds date boys before fifteen,
Then Mother, why can't I?
They hold hands and smooch at the movies
And they say I am shy.

If they slip around a puff some pot
Then Mother, why can't I ?
Is there really that much harm done,
When they get a little high?

If they stay out very late at night,
Then Mother, why can't I ?
And when their Mom's ask where they've been,
They only tell a little lie.

If my best friend gets a new baby,
Then Mother, why can't I ?
She says it won't give hardly any trouble,
And it will never cry!

If my friends go skinny dipping
Then Mother, why can't I ?
When they pop their party pills.
There's nothing they won't try.

One night an angel sat beside me,
And explained the reason why,
So if you can be like an angel,
Then Mother, why shouldn't I ?
by Carroll

Flow Gentle

Wind 'neath God's angel wings
Ever gentle, the flowing breeze
Can n'er be bought with riches of Kings
Blow free with prayer on bended knees.

Wind 'neath God's angel wings
Holds kinship to God's Love
Can only be felt-not seen
As sent from His heaven above.

Wind 'neath God's angel wings
Unlike violent storms at the cross
Blows warm, blows silent, while God holds
The Spirit of Life Jesus lost

Wind 'neath God's angel wings
Fans embers of lost faith aglow
Acceptance of Jesus now brings
A soul pure as new white fallen snow.
by C. P.

I heard the voice of an angel
'Twas God sent this message to me
The words were clear and soft spoken
""Remember Jesus and Mt. Calvary""

The price paid for our salvation
Was His life blood, suffering and pain
The only debt owed is believing in Him
"'Til you ride on the Glory Bound Train

I awoke and was thankful
For the message God sent to me
These words still ring clear in my mind
""Remember Jesus and Mt. Calvary""
by C. P. 2/7/01